Being solicited in the oven manufacturing field, Ekon isi, offers good quality products and services.


Our ovens have been manufactured in accordance with human ergonomics with superior safety precautions. Thanks to the developed steam system, it is possible to give steam to each baking tray depending on demand.

For all baking tray, the lower and upper resistance groups are independent and it can be set at different degrees. The floors are designed with a separate double glazing system.
A sealing system suitable for ceramic fiber food regulations has been used in order to prevent heat losses, odor and steam out of the covers.



Dough Cutting Machine; it lifts the weight mistakes, by this way the worker saves money. After setting the desired weight by filling the dough funnel made of stainless steel , the weighted dough are ready for the next process in a serial manner from the conveyor belt.

Dough Conversion Machine; It acts as a bridge between the machines. The main task is to round the dough. The body and rounding plates are made of aluminum and it can be covered with Teflon depending on demand. To protect the outer cover against rusting and corrosion, it can be made from stainless steel depending on demand.


Auxiliary equipments

EKON Fermentation Chambers provide optimal efficiency with the polyurethane panel walls that can be manufactured at any dimensions necessary. Thanks to the specially designed heating and moisturizing system, the dough yield is optimized with minimal yeast usage.

DN50 Rotary oven cart; controllable and Easy-to-reach. Complete body made of stainless chrome hair. . A ramp system made of chrome stainless steel allows you to place pan cart easily in the cooking area…


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